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The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America, Volume 2: B-Bo by Robert A. Slade

Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia
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The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America, Volume 2: B-Bo by: Robert A. Slade
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Author: Robert A. Slade
Binding: Soft Cover
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 434
Size: 8.25 x 11 in.

Product Code: SO-ANG-2011-9781425115166-X2

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Robert A. Slade, after collecting old fishing tackle since 1958 and contributing articles on old fishing lures for a collector magazine for several years started researching and writing books in the 1990's. He published the History & Collectible Fishing Tackle Of Wisconsin in 1999 which sold 4,500 copies. Bob realized that even though there have been many books published on the subject of old fishing lures that few books covered any detailed history on the old lure makers. His latest book writing project was nine years in the making and covers over 100 years of lure making history starting in 1875 and covers over 2,500 lures makers throughout all of North America. The Encyclopedia Of Old Fishing Lures Made In North America is the first publication with extensive history and patent information on old lure makers and the first to include extensive coverage on Canadian lure makers. The author traveled to 11 states and 3 Canadian Providences visiting collectors homes, newspaper archives, museums and other sources and has taken over 10,000 pictures in preparing the historical stories for these books. The set of books arranges for the individual and company lures makers to appear in alphabetical order. Each book has over 400 pages of text, pictures and collector values with each book containing a table of contents and index as well as a master index for the complete set of books.

  • B & B Bait Co.
  • B & B Tackle Co.
  • B. & E. Bait Co. / Monarch Bait Co. / King Fish Lures
  • Bass-in-Net Lures
  • B&G Bait Co.
  • B & H Lure Co.
  • B & H Mfg. Co.
  • B & H Spinning Lures
  • B & J Tackle Co./ Roller Flasher Co.
  • B&LMfg.
  • B & M Products. Co.
  • B & N Bait Co./ Netherton Lazy Bug
  • B &0 Bait & Tackle
  • B&S Bait Co.
  • B & T Tackle, Inc.
  • B. F. W. Bait Co.
  • B. J. Lures
  • B. T. U. Structures, Inc
  • B/V Mfg. Co.
  • Babbit, E.J.
  • Babcock Mfg. Co.
  • Baby's Rattle Bait Co.
  • Bachmn, J. M.
  • Back Splash Lures
  • Bacon Bros. Fish Lure Co.
  • Bacon, George H.
  • Badger Cork & Mfg. Co.
  • Badger-Buck Tackle Co.
  • Bagley Bait Co., Inc., Jim
  • Bailer Baits
  • Bailer, W. C.
  • Bailey and Elliot
  • Bailey Weedless Bait Co.
  • Bain Mfg. Co.
  • Bait Buoy Co.
  • Bait House Lure Co.
  • Bait Specialties Co.
  • Baitmaker Tackle
  • Baits Alive
  • Bakelite Minnows Co.
  • Baker Baits, Bill
  • Baker Lures
  • Baker Lures, Gary
  • Baker Weedless Bait Co.
  • Baker Weedless Fish Hook Co./Braierd Bait Co.
  • Baker's Impy Lure Co.
  • Baker's Lures
  • Baldesberger Baits
  • Ball Bros. Glass Mfg. Co. (The Wooden Jacket Co.) / Ball Bros. Co., Inc.
  • Ballard Baits, Ike / Ski Bait Co. (Ike Ballard Baits)
  • Bambino, D. B.
  • Bandit Lures
  • Banner Products Co.
  • Bar Lake Tackle Co.
  • Bar-Lou Spring Hook Praid, Ltd.
  • Barbee Bait Co.
  • Barber, Dan
  • Barber, E. R.
  • Barclay & Co., Ltd., Jas.
  • Barlin Bait Co.
  • Barnard Plating Co.
  • Barnes Bait Co.
  • Barney Fish Lures Co.
  • Barnhart, H. P.
  • Barr-Royers Co.
  • Barr, D. W.
  • Bart's Baits
  • Bartley Lures
  • Barton Tackle Co.
  • Bass Bird Lure Co.
  • Bass Boss Bait Co.
  • Bass Classic Lures
  • Bass Hunter Lures, Inc.
  • Bass Hustler Lures
  • Bass Unlimited Lure Co., Inc.
  • Basshoun Bait Co.
  • Basting, Larry
  • Bate & Co., Thomas H.
  • Bateman Bait Co.
  • Bates Baits Co.
  • Bates Products / Lyman Bradford Co.
  • Battenkill Supply Co.
  • Batwick Baits
  • Bauer Baits
  • Bauman-Harnish
  • Bay De Noc Lure Co.
  • Bayou Outdoors, Inc.
  • Bazaar, Unusual, Novelty, and Just Plain Weird Fishing Lures and other Tackle
  • Beach, Norman L.
  • Beachland Bait Co.
  • Bead Chain Mfg. Co.
  • Bean, Inc., L. L.
  • Bear Creek Bait Co. / KBE Tackle Co.
  • Bear Paw Tackle Co., Inc.
  • Beauty More Creations
  • Beaver Bait Co.
  • Beaver Creek Tackle, Inc.
  • Beckik Baits, A.
  • Beckesh, E. R.
  • Beetle Bug Bait Co. / Lur-All Tackle Mfg. Co.
  • Behnke's Gamble Store.
  • Behr, Henry
  • Belcher, Foy C.
  • Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co.
  • Bender & Flynn Bait Mfg. Co. / Bender Fishing Tackle Co.
  • Bennecke, D. C. / Weber Tackle Co.
  • Benner Lures, F. H.
  • Bennett Lures
  • Bennett Millard Fishing Tackle Co.
  • Bennett, P.
  • Bentler, Ned
  • Bentley, John
  • Berberich, H. C.
  • Berberisch Lures
  • Berea Bait Mfg. Co., Inc.
  • Bergquist, George
  • Berkshire Products Co.
  • Bernier Mfg. Co./ Mickie Bait Co.
  • Berry-Lebeck Mfg. Co.
  • Berry, Bill & Ruth
  • Berry, James W./ John S. Kuslich / Dowagiac Trio (Unknown Early Folk Art)
  • Bess Lure Co.
  • Best Tackle Mfg. Co. / Art Best.
  • Bettencourt Baits.
  • Better Bait Co. Re'gd
  • Betts Tackle, Ltd.
  • Betzel Specialty Co
  • Beyerlein, Gus B.
  • Biddlecome-Six Tackle Co. / Charles M. Si Co. / Chas. M. Six Tackle Co.
  • Bidwell, C. W.
  • Biek Mfg. Co.
  • Biernat Tackle Co.
  • Biff Bait Co.
  • Big Jon Tackle Co.
  • Big-A Mfg. Co.
  • Bignall and Schaaf
  • Bill's Weedless Baits / Bill Plummer
  • Billings, Robert "Mad Dog"
  • Billy Bass Lure Co.
  • Billy Boy Bait Co.
  • Billy Finn Baits, Inc.
  • Binco Lures, Mike
  • Bingenheimer Co., A. F.
  • Bingham Co., W.
  • Bingo Bait Co./ Tand E Industries
  • Binkowski Hook Co.
  • Binns Bait, Inc.
  • Birch, Frank
  • Bird, Herman
  • Birdhead Lure &Tackle Co.
  • Birkett, John H./ W. C. Mfg. Co. / Guy-Ra-Tory Reel Co.
  • Bite-Em Bait Co. (Mfg.) 1917-1922 /
  • Bite-Em Bait Sales Co. 1920-1922 / Wenger Mfg. Co.
  • Bjerring, Aage
  • Black Magic Bait Co.
  • Blackhawk Enterprises
  • Blackman & Betz
  • Blackstone, S. R. "Blacky"
  • Blakemore Lure Co., Inc./ Blakemore Lure Co./ WMW Mfg. Co., Inc.
  • Blanchard Co., Wally
  • Blanchard Tackle Co., J. G. / J. G. Blanchard Ltd. (div. of Algonquin Mfg. Co., Ltd)
  • Blank & Sons/ R&R Vorderbruggen & Sons
  • Blaz-0-Lure Mfg. Co.
  • Bee & Helmkamp / Fort Wayne Bait & Reel Co.
  • Big State Bait Co./ Bleeder Bait Mfg. Co./ American & National Tackle Co.
  • Blimp's Fishing Tackle Co., Inc.
  • Blinker Mfg. Co., Hans / Heintz-Blinker Mfg. Co.
  • Blodgett, W. G.
  • Bloody Good Lure Div. of Arrow Products, Inc.
  • Bloom Bait Co.
  • Blower, Harold
  • Blue Spring Bait Mfg. Co.
  • Bluegill Mfg. Co.
  • Blunk & Helman Lures
  • Bob-0 Tackle Co.
  • Bob-O-Link Mfg. Co.
  • Bob's Baits
  • Bob's Fly Tying Shop

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