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The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America, Volume 12: Mig-Norm by Robert A. Slade

Old Fishing Lures Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America, Volume 12: Mig-Norm by: Robert A. Slade
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Author: Robert A. Slade
Binding: Soft Cover
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 423
Size: 8.25 x 11 in.

Product Code: SO-ANG-2011-9781425115241-X2

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Robert A. Slade, after collecting old fishing tackle since 1958 and contributing articles on old fishing lures for a collector magazine for several years started researching and writing books in the 1990's. He published the History & Collectible Fishing Tackle Of Wisconsin in 1999 which sold 4,500 copies. Bob realized that even though there have been many books published on the subject of old fishing lures that few books covered any detailed history on the old lure makers. His latest book writing project was nine years in the making and covers over 100 years of lure making history starting in 1875 and covers over 2,500 lures makers throughout all of North America. The Encyclopedia Of Old Fishing Lures Made In North America is the first publication with extensive history and patent information on old lure makers and the first to include extensive coverage on Canadian lure makers. The author traveled to 11 states and 3 Canadian Providences visiting collectors homes, newspaper archives, museums and other sources and has taken over 10,000 pictures in preparing the historical stories for these books. The set of books arranges for the individual and company lures makers to appear in alphabetical order. Each book has over 400 pages of text, pictures and collector values with each book containing a table of contents and index as well as a master index for the complete set of books.

  • Mighty Atom Tackle Co.
  • Mighty Minnie Mfg. / Mighty Minnow Co.
  • Mije Co. / Majdak Spinner Co.
  • Mikes Hair Minnow Bait Co.
  • Mike's Tackle
  • Mikesell, Freeman
  • Miles Lures Co., Inc.
  • William C. Miles Co.
  • Mill Run Products Co.
  • Mille-Lacs Mfg. Co. / Lindy's Little Joe Tackle / Lindy's Tackle Mfg. Co.
  • Miller Lures
  • Miller Mfg. Co.
  • Miller Mfg. Co./ Miller Lure Mfg. Co., Inc./ Min-Nix
  • Miller Plumbing & Heating
  • Miller Tackle Co.
  • Miller-Erickson / George J. Mayer
  • Miller, Henry
  • Miller, Jeff
  • Miller, Joseph N.
  • Miller, Ken
  • Miller, Robert, Lures
  • Milliron, J.P., Lure Co.
  • Mills, William E., I& Son
  • Mills, Herb, Tackle / Mills Products, Inc. / Mills Products, Inc./ Sports Equipment Div./ Mills Industrial Park
  • Millsite Tackle Co.Miltchez Baits
  • Mimicry Co.
  • Mingus, Vernon
  • Minnesota Fishing Tackle Co.
  • Minnick Bros. Plugs
  • Minnie Air Co.
  • Minno Co., The
  • Minnoe Lure Co.
  • Miracle Lure, Inc.
  • Miron Mfg. Co.
  • Missing Link Lures
  • Missinne Lures
  • Missouri Barber Pole Lure Companies/ Charmer Minnow Co./ Clinton Wilt Mfg.Co. / Springfield Novelty Mfg. Co.
  • Missouri Lures, Ltd.
  • Missouri Spiral Lure
  • Mitey Mite Lure Co.
  • Mizzouri Bait Co.
  • Mo-Do Lure Co.
  • Moby Dick Fish Line
  • Moby Dick Mfg. Co.
  • Model Die Casting Co.
  • Modern Bait Co.
  • Modern Mfg. Co.
  • Modern Sporting Goods/ Jenson Sporting Goods/ Jenson Distributing Co.
  • Moeller Mfg. Co.
  • Mohawk River Tackle Co.
  • Mohr Mfg. Co.
  • Molandin Delfin Co.
  • Molded Link Systems
  • Monarch Tackle Co.
  • Monet Metal Lure Co.
  • Montague Rod & Reel Co.
  • Montali, Andrew
  • Montana Bait Co.
  • Montpelier Bait Co.
  • Moore, Joe, Baits, Inc.
  • Moore Lures (Oregon)
  • Moore Lures (Wisconsin)
  • Moore, Ed, Lures
  • Moore, H.C.
  • Moran, N.W.
  • Morgan Mfg. & Supply Co.
  • Moran, Charles
  • Morrell Lures
  • Morrison, Emery "Trapper"
  • Morrison, Lou, Fly Co. / Morrison-Madison-Kipp Corp.
  • Morton Mfg. Co.
  • Mother Nature Lure Co.
  • Mouldy's Tackle Co.
  • Mouse Bait Co.
  • Mueckl, Herman
  • Mull Tool Works
  • Muller-Perry Co., Inc.
  • Mullins, Wayne
  • Multi-Lure Co.
  • Muncie Gear Works, Inc.
  • Muran Lures
  • Murphy Novelty Co.
  • Murphy, D.C., Sr. / Mubago Iris Shad Org.
  • Murray Bait Co./ William Murray/ J. Lee Murray Co.
  • Muskie Duck Bait Co. /Chain-o-Lakes Products/ Engineering Co.
  • Muskie Tale Enterprises
  • Muskita Baits &Tackle
  • Muskovie-Bomb
  • Musky Classic Lure Co.
  • Musky Innovations
  • Musky Sucker Bait Mfg. Co., The
  • My Fair Lady Products
  • Myer Tool & Die Works / Minn Fishing Tackle Co.
  • Myers &Spellman
  • Myers Lure Co.
  • Myopic Minnow/ Edward Smith-Kono Mfg. Co.
  • N. Shure Co. (Distributor)
  • Nab It Bait
  • Naddy Cat Lures
  • Nadeau Bait Co.
  • Nahigian, David J.
  • Nash Products Co.
  • Nate's Folk/Custom Lures
  • Nation-Wide Sportsman Co.
  • National Bait Co.
  • National Dynamics Corp.
  • National Expert Bait Co.
  • National Metal Products Co./ Thompson Metal Products Co.
  • National Products Co.
  • Native American Ojibway Metals
  • Native Fishing Tackle
  • Native-Critters Folk Art Fishing Lures / Sonny Molina
  • Natur* L Bait-Lures
  • Natural Bait Co./ Marsh Natural Minnow Co.
  • Natural Fly Co. / Nature Faker Lures, Inc. / Wilson-Allen Corp. / Naturalure Co.
  • Naturalure Bait Co.
  • NB Lures and Other Dragonfly Lure Makers / F.X. Schweickert / John Kurlovich / Legendary Lures Manistee Bait Co. / Odon Bait Co. / James E. Ray/ Steven's Industries
  • Neal Artificial Lures
  • Neff, J.A., Lures
  • Nelson & Neiman
  • Nelson, J., Spoons
  • Neon Mickey Bait Co./ Neon Mickey, Inc.
  • Neptune Bait Co. / E.S. Evans & Sons / Evans Walton Tackle Co.
  • Neralich, A.S.
  • Ness, Jos. M., Co. Manufacturers
  • Netcraft Co. / Jann's Netcraft Co.
  • Neukom Brothers
  • Neumann, Kurt
  • Nevermiss Lure Co.New Acme
  • New Laurel Bait Co., Inc.
  • New York Spinning Unlimted
  • Newell, Ray
  • Newton Mfg. & Sales Co. / Newton Lures Mfg. Co./ Kitsap Plastic Works / Comet Lures
  • N G C Sports
  • Niantic Bay Spinner
  • Sportsman's Lure Co./ Padre Island Co. / Pico Outdoor Co.
  • Nicholson Machine Production Co.
  • Nickel Tackle Co.
  • Nickelure, Inc.
  • Nielsen Bait Co.
  • Nienow, Otto J.
  • Niles Metalcraft Co.
  • Nimmer Swimmer Musky Lures / Kolstad Muskie Lures
  • Niresk Discount Sales
  • Nisen, Carl
  • Nixon, Frank T.
  • Nixon, R.G./ Gundlach Mfg. Corp.
  • No-Alibi Lures
  • Norkin Laboratories/ F.M.F. Lures/ The Fluke & Co.
  • Norland, O.A., Co.
  • Norm's Lures
  • Norman Lures
  • Norman, Prentice

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