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History of the Electric Lamp (Book on CD) by: Fin Stewart
History of the Electric Lamp (Book on CD) by: Fin Stewart
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History of the Electric Lamp (Book on CD) by: Fin Stewart
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Author: Fin Stewart
Binding: CD
Copyright: 2013
Pages: 616
Size: 5.5 x 7.5 in.

Product Code: AUTH-2013-9780646234182-WH1

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Table of Contents

A history of the light bulb from pre Edison times to the present day. Profusely illustrated and giving much long forgotten details of lamps and their manufacture. It runs to 21 chapters, has histories of inventions pre Edison, companies, major developments, details of main types/uses and several hundred photos of bulbs, mainly from the author's collection.

NOTE: This is a book on CD.



Chapter 1 Lamps in Existence Before 1878
Detailing the many types of lamps made back to 1820 with a brief history of each.

Chapter 2 Sir Joseph Swan and his Incandescent Carbon Filament Lamp
Sir Joseph Swan's experiments from 1860 to 1878, culminating in the invention, independent of Edison, of a successful lamp publicly exhibited in December 1878.

Chapter 3 Thomas Alva Edison's Experiments and the Development of a Successful Lamp
Edison's endless search for a filament material and his final success with a practical commercial lamp in 1879.

Chapter 4 Other Pioneer Lamp Experimenters of the Early 1880s
A short biography of Sir Hiram Maxim, St George Lane Fox and their contribution to the development of their own successful lamps, together with the work of Sawyer & man, Bernstein, Cruto, Woodhouse & Rawson, Sir William Crookes and others.


Chapter 5 Carbon Filament Lamp and the Emergence of Some of the Major Manufacturers
Separate stories of the history of General Electric, Westinghouse, Philips, GEC, Siemens, British Thompson-Houston, Crompton, other companies and their role in the electric lamp industry.

Chapter 6 The Metal Filament Incandescent Lamp
Lists the development of the Osmium, tantalum, Nernst and Helion lamp together with details of manufacturing processes of some of these newer lamps.

Chapter 7 Development of the Sintered Tungsten Filament Lamp
Deals with the experiments of several inventors in transforming tungsten into a powder and subsequently a sintered wire suitable for use in lamp filaments.

Chapter 8 The Ductile Tungsten Filament Lamp
The development, by General Electric in the USA, of a tungsten wire (not sintered) for tungsten filament lamps.

Chapter 9 Gas Filled Lamp and its Development
Details the development of the gas filling as used in present day lamps and the constructional changes necessitated by its use. Also deals with the 'coiled coil' lamp. ix

Chapter 10 Major Structural Changes and Technical Developments in Lamps to 1925
Standardisation of lamp bases, tipless construction, cements used, branding, repaired lamps and packaging methods.

Chapter 11 Patents, Cartels and Litigation in the Lamp Industry
Studies patent and licensing agreements between most major lamp manufacturers, court cases involving patent infringements and combines, sales etc.

Chapter 12 The Australian Lamp Industry
Tells of the scant information available on lamps made outside the Electric Lamp Manufacturers Association and also gives a history of ELMA itself.


Chapter 13 Incandescent Lamps A-Z
Lists, in alphabetical order, the different types of lamps available, such as aircraft, decorative, photographic, motor car, reflector, perfume burner, three way and multiple filament lamps.


Chapter 14 Heinrich Geissler and the Geissler Tube
Tracing the development, by the German Master Glass Blower of his famous glow tubes and their use for scientific purposes with photographs of working tubes in the author's collection.

Chapter 15 The Moore Lamp
The development by D Macfarlane Moore of the carbon dioxide tube lamp of the 1920's.

Chapter 16 The Cooper-Hewitt Mercury Vapour Lamp
Tracing the history of the first commercially successful mercury lamp, along with those of two other pioneer gas discharge lamp inventors.

Chapter 17 Neon and Argon Glow Lamps and the Neon Sign
Development of the neon and argon glow lamps by various manufacturers and the role of the neon tube in advertising and the neon sign industry.

Chapter 18 The Mercury Vapour Lamp
Continuing the mercury vapour lamp history with the development by GEC of a successful compact mercury vapour lamp in 1932 and its evolution to the present day.

Chapter 19 The Sodium Vapour Lamp
Same, basically, as Chapter 18, but mainly dealing with the Philips development of the sodium lamp. x

Chapter 20 The Fluorescent Lamp
History of the fluorescent lamp from its development in 1937/38.

Chapter 21 Special Purpose Gas Discharge Lamps
Listing the several types of lamps recently developed such as lasers, electroluminescent panels and LEDs.

Chapter 22 Recent Developments and the Future of the Lamp Industry
Summarising the development of the lamp, latest technologies, the likely future direction of the industry, commemorative lamps, the purpose of preserving lamps for posterity and the role of museums in this aim. Finally a brief reference to eBay as a source of rare and historical lamps for collectors.


Included is information relating to the many early lamp inventors and developers such as Roberts, Maxim, Swan, Edison, Westinghouse, Lane-Fox, Sawyer and Man, Pope, Just & Hanaman, Kuzel, Kremenezky, von Welsbach, Aldington, Kuch, Bastian, Cooper-Hewitt, Langmuir, Pipkin and many others.

There is extensive coverage of lamps made by Edison, Swan, General Electric, Osram (England and Germany), Westinghouse, Philips, Ediswan, Mazda (BTH), Siemens, Metrovick and dozens more brands. There is also a list of several hundred brand names (mainly obsolete) together with classes of lamps made with these names.

Also the book has several hundred photos with multiple lamps, with some in colour. There are also patent diagrams, lamp advertisements and line drawings of pre Edison types.


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