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The Sling and the Stone: 21st Century War by: Col Thomas Hammes
The Sling and the Stone: 21st Century War by: Col Thomas Hammes
The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century by: Colonel Thomas X. Hammes, USMC
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Author: Colonel Thomas X. Hammes, USMC
Binding: Soft Cover
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 336
Size: 6 x 9 in.

Product Code: SO-MO-2006-0760324077-WH1

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Table of Contents

"Bureaucrats, technocrats and "old Corps" traditionalists, beware-T.X. Hammes' new book on fourth-generation warfare has something offensive for all of you. It's not light reading, but it should go to the top of the U.S. Marine reading List. The Sling and The Stone could conceivably become our generation's single-source, strategic document about fighting insurgencies, taking its place along side the timeless tactical Small Wars Manual."

-Marine Corps Gazette

"This is a stimulating-nay, provocative-book that should cause military readers and all associated with the security of the United States to question their fundamental assumptions. It is also a gutsy book because the author, a serving officer, asserts in effect that the Secretary of Defense, his team in the Pentagon, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are wrong in the way they are fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He further contends that the United States stands a good chance of losing its wars in the future unless the forces confront the realities of warfare in this century."

-U.S. Army War College Parameters

"Hammes is a career Marine Corps officer, and with this selection, he argues that the U.S. has adapted poorly in response to the new generation of guerrilla warfare. Fourth-generation warfare, as Hammes calls it, is what American forces encounter in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israelis find in Palestine, and it is the way of the future: guerrilla warfare characterized by political acumen and patience, using communications networks and strategic strikes to demoralize and exhaust conventionally superior militaries. For many military strategists, including those presently running the Defense Department, this new world order amounts to a call to newfangled technological arms, but for Hammes, smart bombs and spy drones are not the answer. The solution is to study our enemies as they have studied us and build a networked, flexible, and, here's the kicker, less hierarchical military structure that employs humans to fight the humans fighting us. As few as five years ago, such analysis would have had limited appeal, but in today's political climate, this concise, surprisingly readable book will attract a broad readership."

-American Library Association Booklist


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