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The Chronological History of Penn Reels 1932-1957 by Michael Cacioppo

The Chronological History of Penn Reels 1932-1957 by Michael Cacioppo

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One of the greatest success stories in the history of fishing tackle is the Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Co. of Philadelphia, Penn. Founded by Otto Henze in the teeth of the great depression, Henze revolutionized the field of saltwater angling, making the sport affordable for the working man by creating brilliantly simple and rugged fishing reels that would stand up to generations of use. Here, for the first time ever, Penn reel historian and collector Michael Cacioppo takes you through the history of Penn year by year, from its founding in 1932 through its 25th anniversary year of 1957.

In between you'll watch a fledgling company, founded on determination and hard work, enter the cut-throat business of fishing reel manufacturing and come to dominate the saltwater field in less than a decade. From the original Models F and K to the Sea Ford to the legendary Penn Senator, this book covers the origins and development of all Penn model reels built during the company's first quarter century of existence. This book contains the most complete history of the company yet written, hundreds of full color photos of reels, surveys of every known Penn catalog, and a detailed appendix covering every reel made during the years 1932-1957 on a year-by-year basis. Includes a Foreword by David Martin, formerly Penn's CEO and CFO! A must have for anyone who has ever loved a Penn reel!

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  • The Chronological History of Penn Reels 1932-1957

    Michael Cacioppo


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2014

    Pages: 273

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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