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Forty Years with the .45-70, Revised by Paul A. Mathews

Forty Years with the .45-70, Revised by Paul A. Mathews

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Containing years of the author's personal experience, compiled in the interest of gaining knowledge and utilizing the cartridge's full potential. Expanded version includes six more years; Lever Marlin 1895SS Navy Arms Buffalo Rifle plus the new long range .45-70.

This little book's intention is to relate my personal experiences with a number of different .45-70 rifles over the past four decades. Some of the things I did during those years were rather harebrained and certainly should never be repeated. Other things were done in the interest of gaining knowledge, and still others were to utilize the full potential of the cartridge - a goal that few, if any, have ever achieved. In short then, this little book is pure gun lore - lore of the .45-70.

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  • Forty Years with the .45-70, Revised

    Paul A. Mathews


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 1997

    Pages: 184

    Size: 6 x 9 in.

    Condition: New

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