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Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics by Terry Oxley

Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics by Terry Oxley

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In this exceptional book, author and collector Terry Oxley details the history behind nearly 200 vintage and modern makers of rotaryhead fishing lures. From the classic Decker, Globe, and Yellow Kid to the modern Ed Latiano, Le Lure, and Frenchy Lamay lures, this book covers all types and styles of this enduring topwater bait. Includes sections on Vintage Lures, Musky Lures, Decker-style Lures, Metal Lures, Plastic Lures, Folk & Contemporary Musky Lures, Other Rotaryhead Lure Makers, and Unidentifieds. Many of these lure makers have never been profiled in print before! Almost 1000 full color photos, this book is a must for any collector, lure maker, serious topwater fisherman, or fishing history buff!

SECTION I -- VINTAGE LURE: Abbey & Imbrie, Franklin Alger, Frank Brown, Case Bait Company, Congress (Supplee-Biddle), George Cummings, Tony & Mike Darby, Anson B. Decker, Charles Donholt, Eau Claire Fly Company, Herbert J. Frost, William F. Hagen, Harkauf & Mick, Charles Harris, James Heddon's Sons, Livingston S. Hinckley, William J. Jamison, Henkenius & Kane, Kumm's Fish Spotter, Marathon Bait Company, S.J. Meyer, Mills - Snyder - H&I Success, Joseph E. Pepper, Pflueger, Oscar C. Schaefer, Shakespeare, Edward Slominski, South Bend, Superior Specialty Co., Edward K. Tryon, Vaughn's Lure, Emil Vessely, Sterling (Whittemore), William Mills & Son, and Yellow Kid.

SECTION II -- CLASSIC MUSKY LURES: American Hardwood Lures, Anglers Way, Mike Bauer, Bitten Tackle, Black River Bait Co., Blue Heron Tackle, Johan Broman, Calico Jack, Dayton Bait Co., Ducktail Lures, Lou Fisher, Gordon Griffiths Fishing Tackle, Charlie Hedden, Holcombe Tackle, Marv Kiley, L&D Tackle, Ed Latiano, Le Lure Tackle Company, Top Hat Lures, Tackle Industries, Musky Madness, Puls & Wencka, Reaction Strike, Reba, Brian Sanger, Slammer, Stags Lures, Top Line Tackle and Lee Tauchen.

SECTION III -- WOODEN DECKER-TYPE LURES: Bass Classic Lures, Charlie Hines, Frank Gartner, Bill Grossman, Han-Sel Products, Hom-Arts Bait Company, Lawrence Luttrell, Megatech, Morris Company, T&T Lure Company, and Ken Walkey.

SECTION IV -- METAL ROTARYHEADS: AB Urfabriken (ABU), Allcocks, J.J. Gill & Associates, Lemax, Roy O. Rhodes, Johnny O'Neill Bait Co., and The Silverbird.

SECTION V -- Plastic Lures: Arjon Company, Cyclone Lure Company, Jim G. Garrison, Glasgow Company, H. Tanaka, Hill Bait Company, Jemco Bait Company, Eugene Miller, Tackle Direct, Persal Manufacturing Co., William Mozuras and Snag Proof Company.

SECTION VI -- FOLK AND CONTEMPORARY MAKERS: Joe Anderson, Suzanne Abrahams, Bob Alitz, Michael Bates, Steve Bloss, David Charles, Al Comrie, Chad Danczyk, Charles K. Fox, Rob Giberson, Wayne Gutsch, Paul Hansen, Ron Heidenreich, Hugh Huffman, Rich Jaroch, Rusty Jessee, W. Lloyd Jett, Ryan Jinkerson, Bill Kaiser, Mike Kolb, Evan Kolstad, Ray Kvalhelm, Frenchy LaMay, Leo Lures, Dieter Maiberg, Chester and Mike Markowicz, Al McElroy, Corey Meyer, Greg Nimmer, Gerald Oesterreich, Gale Oxley, Randy Pafford, Ken Parmenter, Charlie Patterson, Todd Peterson, Robert Patulski, John Piccione, Timm Raddatz, Terry Rockteschel, William Rothwell, Craig Sandell, Brad Schultz, Ty Sennet, Larry Shanker, Harvey Siebert, Brian Simcakoski, Tony Smith, Robert Spleha, Garrett Tesch, Al Tumas, William Weber, Charlie Wepfer, Richard Whitehead, Joel Wick, Wade Witt and Roger Wright.

SECTION VII -- OTHER MAKERS: Tom Adams, Dale Alborn, Mark & Mark C. Anderson, Kenneth Auz, Fred A. "Fritz" Bohn, Cassen's Classic Lure Co., Thomas H. Christenson, Shane Eales, Ron Hanson, Kevin Helmuth, Hooker Custom Lures, Thayne Johnson, Toby Jones, Evan & Terry Kagie, Clarence Kasten, Melvin Long, Dewey Minteer, Muskyfool, Norm Nelson, Lucius Nemanius, Joe Onion, Wayne Prange, Rod Provost, Darrin Riley, Nicholas Schimp, Brent Siebenaler, The Sinissippi Lure, Gary Slama, Mike Sutton and Jeff von Holtum.

SECTION VIII: UNIDENTIFIED ROTARYHEADS: Cork UNIDs, Dan-Len Globes, Spiral UNID, Metal UNID, New Jersey UNID, New York UNID, Plastic UNID, Rhode Island UNID, Spitterbait UNID, and Wisconsin Folk Lures.

Nearly 1000 color photos

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  • Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage & Modern Classics

    Terry Oxley


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2015

    Pages: 232

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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