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Shooting World War II Small Arms by Mike Venturino

Shooting World War II Small Arms by Mike Venturino

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Mike's book is one of the most comprehensive books available on WWII firearms. While most books cover the history behind the firearms and how they performed in battle, they stop there. Mike covers all that plus shooting these firearms today. He also has worked up reloading data for these firearms, some of which is only available in this book. If you love WWII era firearms or own one, this book will help you learn more about it and show you how you can shoot it today.

Shooting World War II Small Arms covers the small arms used by the major combatants in World War II, including rifles, carbines, handguns, submachine guns and their modern replicas and reproductions.

The focus of this publication is shooting these important and historical firearms. Mike's information on available factory ammunition and hand loading data enable owners and potential owners to truly enjoy these collectible guns.

This extensively researched volume contains over 400 full-color and archival black-and-white photographs.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: American Infantry Rifles Models 1903, 1903A1 and 1903A3
Chapter 2: American Infantry Rifles Model 1917
Chapter 3: American Infantry Rifles M1 Garand
Chapter 4: British Infantry Rifles SMLE No. 1 MK III and No. 4 MK I
Chapter 5: British Infantry Rifles Pattern 1914
Chapter 6: Soviet Infantry Rifles Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 and Finnish Variations
Chapter 7: Soviet Infantry Rifles SVT40
Chapter 8: German Infantry Rifles K98K
Chapter 9: German Infantry Rifles G43/K43
Chapter 10: German Infantry Rifles MP44 - Sturmgewehr
Chapter 11: Japanese Infantry Rifles Type 38 And Type 99
Chapter 12: Miscellaneous Infantry Rifles
Chapter 13: Personal Observations on World War II Infantry Rifles
Chapter 14: Sniper Rifles
Chapter 15: Carbines
Chapter 16: Introduction to Reloading Rifle Cartridges
Chapter 17: Reloading: 6.5x50mm Japanese
Chapter 18: Reloading: 6.5x52mm Italian Carcano
Chapter 19: Reloading: 6.5x55mm Swedish
Chapter 20: Reloading: U.S. .30 Carbine
Chapter 21: Reloading: U.S. .30-06
Chapter 22: Reloading: 7.5x54mm French
Chapter 23: Reloading: 7.62x54mmr Russian
Chapter 24: Reloading: .303 British
Chapter 25: Reloading: 7.7x58mm Japanese
Chapter 26: Reloading: German 7.92x33mm
Chapter 27: Reloading: German 8x57mm (AKA 7.9x57mm, AKA 7.92x57mm)
Chapter 28: Reloading: 8x56mmr Hungarian
Chapter 29: Cast Bullets
Chapter 30: Accuracy
Chapter 31: Sights
Chapter 32: Handguns
Chapter 33: Submachine Guns
Chapter 34: Introduction to Handgun Reloading
Chapter 35: Reloading: 7.62x25mm Tokarov
Chapter 36: Reloading: 7.65mm French Long
Chapter 37: Reloading: 8mm Nambu
Chapter 38: Reloading: 9mm Parabellum
Chapter 39: Reloading: British .380 MKI AND MK II
Chapter 40: Reloading: .45 ACP
Chapter 41: Reloading: .455 Webley
Chapter 42: Replicas and Reproductions
Chapter 43: Rifle Caliber Full-Automatics
Chapter 44: Factory Ammunition
Chapter 45: Putting Them to Use
Chapter 46: Battlefields - Conclusion

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  • Shooting World War II Small Arms

    Mike Venturino


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 2018

    Pages: 331

    Size: 8.75 x 11.25 in.

    Condition: New

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