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The Boys' Collection: Antique Dollhouses, Doll Rooms, Stores, Kitchens, and Miniatures by: Florence Theriault Yesterday's Farm Tools & Equipment by: Michael Emery, Irwin Richman
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Boys Collection Antique Dollhouses, Doll Rooms Yesterday's Farm Tools Equipment
Collector Bookstore Notes: This large format reference book details via close-up photography and detailed text the hundreds of antique doll items sold... Collector Bookstore Hundreds of color photos with text. Early farming tools, primitives, previously unknown tools
The Civil War Collector's Price Guide, 12th Ed The World of Wade Figurines & Miniatures II by: Ian Warner, Mike Posgay
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Civil War Collectors Price Guide 12th World Wade Figurines Miniatures
Collector Bookstore Notes: This well-respected collectors guide includes information on fakes, reproductions, buckles, buttons, bullets, bottles, arti... This new resource is ideal for new and experienced Wade figurine collectors. Building on the success and scope of The World of Wade Figurines and Mini...
Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass, 7th Ed by: Mike Carwile Sixguns, The Standard Reference Work by: Elmer Keith
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Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass 7th Ed Sixguns by Keith
Collector Bookstore Notes: The acknowledged "bible" of opalescent glass. Covers old opalescent, 1880-1930, limited edition pieces and patterns produce... Collector Bookstore Notes: This is a comprehensive, in-depth study of Sixgun revolvers, primarily used in the wild west during from the mid 1800s to t...