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The Mehlbach Saddle Co Equestrian Outfits 1919

The famous Whitman Saddle catalogue.Military and civilian saddles, spurs, cinchas, bridle bits, bridles, etc Fully illustrated Reprinted by Collector'...

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1876 Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of DeCamp Lovey & Co., Wholesale Manufacturers of Saddlery, Harness & Collars of Every Description

Civil War style saddles to the Custer era. Fully illustrated. Reprinted by Collector's Library / Antique Militaria of Eugene, OR

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1925 Perkins-Campbell Saddlery

The largest saddler of the time. Military and civilian saddles as well as military and civilian tack. Excellent reference. Fully illustrated. Reprinte...

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Western Saddles Don King King of The Western Saddle (Don King, Wyoming Craftsman) by: Timothy Evans

The saddle has become an American icon. Wranglers rely on saddles every day, but discerning outsiders favor them for image enhancement and self-expres...

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Western Saddle Celebration of Style and Embellishment The Art of the Western Saddle: A Celebration of Style and Embellishment by: Bill Reynolds

Spanning time and technique, The Art of the Western Saddle is a celebration and visual feast of the graceful artistry of the Western saddler and his c...

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Saddleries of Montana: Montana's Makers from Territorial Times to 1940 by: Jay C. Lyndes, Bobby R. Reynolds, E. Helene Sage

This one-of-a-kind resource covers the saddleries of Montana Territory and State over the period from approximately the 1860s through 1940. Learn abou...

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Saddles (History, Style ID, Useage, Stirrups) by: Russel Beatie

Saddles is the first complete work on the subject to appear in print. It is an exhaustive survey, in words and more than eight hundred illustrations, ...

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