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The Complete Guide to Airgunning by Jeffrey Guinan

The Complete Guide to Airgunning by Jeffrey Guinan

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A guide to all aspects of airgunning, including power systems, sighting systems, projectiles, hunting, plinking, target shooting, zeroing, maintenance, and selecting an appropriate airgun.

Finally - in one handy guide - the answers to all your airgunning questions: How do they work? How powerful are they? What animals can I humanely hunt with them? Are any airguns quiet enough for my backyard? My apartment? There are so many different pellets - what should I be using? What about sights - do I need a 'scope? What are aperture sights? Open sights? Red dots and Lasers? And how do I attach the new sight to my gun? What does "sighting-in" mean and how do I do it? What should I use to get rid of the rats in my barn? The squirrels raiding my birdfeeder? What if I want to shoot for Olympic gold - what equipment will I need? How about some good ol' backyard plinkin' - what's best for perforating cans and bustin' aspirins? And what's this Field Target craze - is it really an addiction? What are the rules? What kind of gun do I need?

These and dozens of other topics are covered in The Complete Guide to Airgunning. Clearly written, profusely illustrated with both drawings and photos, this guide will introduce the newcomer to the fascinating world of airguns and expand the horizons of the seasoned airgunner.

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  • The Complete Guide to Airgunning

    Jeffrey Guinan


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2009

    Pages: 199

    Size: 7 x 10 in.

    Condition: New

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