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Antique Phonograph Accessories & Contraptions by Timothy Fabrizio, George Paul

Antique Phonograph Accessories & Contraptions by Timothy Fabrizio, George Paul

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This fascinating book deals primarily with accessories items related to the field of antique phonographs. Some of the items included are:

Extensive photography of the most desirable examples of horns
Edison Gem 2 Piece Conical Cones
Tabletop Stands for Horns
Horn Support Mechanisms
Glass Horns
Canvas/ Wicker Bags for Horn Transport
Custom Decorated/ Hand Painted Horns (many excellent examples)
Paneled Horns
Mega Horns
Wax Cylinder Info
Cylinder Record Title Slip Inserts
Lithographed Cards
Cylinder Boxes
Reproducers/ Recorders
Cylinder Tins
Bronze Advertising Figures
Cylinder Record Carrier Boxes
Needle Tins
Graphite/ Lubrication Bottles
Record Brushes
Dustix Record Cleaners
Magnetic Cleaner
Talking Book Series Advertising Items
Sound Boxes, diaphragms volume controls
Retail Needle Display - Brunswick, others
Cabinets, Storage Cases
Wood Filing Cabinets

This reference is certain to become a valuable library asset to phonograph aficionados.

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The commercial development of the phonograph, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, inspired a host of adjunct technology, from fancifully-painted flower horns to record storage disguised as furniture. Here are gadgets to make any snake oil salesman proud. A lively tour of these utterly entertaining objects is illustrated with 555 color photographs. To aid the collector there is a guide to current values.

555 color photos

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  • Antique Phonograph Accessories & Contraptions, With Price Guide

    Timothy C Fabrizio, George F. Paul


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 2003

    Pages: 223

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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