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Antique Phonograph Gadgets, Gizmos, & Gimmicks

Antique Phonograph Gadgets, Gizmos, & Gimmicks

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Antique phonographs enjoyed a vigorous commercial existence 100 years ago. The market they inhabited was as filled with options, accessories, gadgets and gizmos as today's late-night television is populated with slicers, dicers, car waxes and beauty secrets.

Collectors have acquired, examined and used these peripherals for years, but little has been written about them. In an effort to reveal more about the fascinating accessories, horns, storage cabinets, advertising and ephemera which surrounded the antique phonograph, the authors have examined nearly 20,000 pages of primary documents, and photographed examples from over 35 collections.

Over 500 color photographs illustrate nearly 700 items from the early years of recorded sound. To finally discover this long-lost aspect of the antique phonograph hobby is something akin to Dorothy's first faltering steps into the Land of Oz. The world is suddenly in Technicolor! There is suddenly more excitement, more romance, more fun--as readers of this book will happily discover.

500 color & 30 b/w photos

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  • Antique Phonograph Gadgets, Gizmos & Gimmicks

    T. Fabrizio & G. Paul


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 1999

    Pages: 228

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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