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Ballistics Handbook: Factors Affecting Bullet Flight From Muzzle To Target

Ballistics Handbook: Factors Affecting Bullet Flight From Muzzle To Target

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Know Your Dope And Make Hits At Any Range

Simplify the enigmas of trajectory, external variables and bullet design with custom ammo maker and ballistics expert Phil Massaro in his authoritative guide The Ballistics Handbook. Written in simple, everyday language, Massaro gives you the tools to achieve precise hits at any range all the time.

Drawing from the knowledge in the author's popular book, The Big Book of Ballistics and catering to both novices and intermediate shooters, the handbook helps you grasp fundamental concepts of precision shooting, from reading the wind to bullets' ballistic coefficients. Furthermore, it explores intricate physics of firearms and ammunition, demystifying interior, exterior, and terminal ballistics with plain, accessible language. It's the straight dope of what it takes to achieve accuracy and precision with every trigger pull.

Whether you're a beginner seeking clarity or a seasoned shooter honing your skills, seize the unparalleled benefits offered by The Ballistics Handbook.

With The Ballistics Handbook You'll:

  • •Understand the intricacies of trajectory, ballistic coefficient, and more, unraveling the cryptic charts on ammo boxes and trajectory tables.
  • •Benefit from Phil Massaro's expertise distilled into a beginner-friendly format, perfect for novices and intermediate shooters seeking to elevate their performance
  • •Stay ahead with insights into the newest high-performance cartridges, ballistic apps, and other shooting tech.
  • •Grasp the complexities of firearm physics with clear, jargon-free explanations of interior, exterior, and terminal ballistics.


Section I Interior Ballistics

Chapter 1 Interior Ballistics Overview
Chapter 2 The Cartridge Case
Chapter 3 The Projectile
Chapter 4 The Ignition System
Chapter 5 The Barrel

Section II Exterior Ballistics

Chapter 6 Exterior Ballistics Explained
Chapter 7 Factors Affecting the Bullet in Flight
Chapter 8 Gravity
Chapter 9 Ballistic Coefficient
Chapter 10 Bullet Stability & Spin Drift
Chapter 11 Density Altitude
Chapter 12 Wind Deflection

Section III Terminal Ballistics

Chapter 13 Terminal Ballistics Overview
Chapter 14 The History of Terminal Ballistics
Chapter 15 Sectional Density, Penetration & Retained Weight
Chapter 16 Kinetic Energy & Killing Power

Section IV Tools & Tips

Chapter 17 Tools for Better Ballistics
Chapter 18 Choosing a Cartridge
Chapter 19 Revisionist Cartridges
Chapter 20 Advancements in Projectiles
Chapter 21 Reading the Wind
Appendix I Cartridge ID & Nomenclature
Appendix II Manufacturer Bullet Designs
Appendix III Manufacturer Ballistics Tables

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  • Ballistics Handbook: Factors Affecting Bullet Flight From Muzzle To Target

    Philip P. Massaro


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2023

    Pages: 368

    Size: 6 x 9 in.

    Condition: New

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