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Becoming an Accredited Genealogist by Karen Clifford

Becoming an Accredited Genealogist by Karen Clifford

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Anyone can collect money for doing genealogical research and be called a paid researcher, but the knowledge, training, integrity, and efficiency of credentialed genealogists set them apart. Becoming an Accredited Genealogist will help you through the process of becoming accredited by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. In this book, Karen Clifford, an Accredited Genealogist herself,

  • Outlines the benefits of being a credentialed genealogist
  • Describes the knowledge and basic research skills expected of a professional
  • Broadly examines the experience, testing procedures, and application processes required to apply for a credential
  • Focuses on preparing for accreditation with self-assessment tests, assignments, and personal insights

Based on her many years of experience in education, genealogy volunteer societies, and the field of genealogy, Karen also provides over 100 "Tips for Success." As president and chief executive officer of a full-service genealogy company (Genealogy Research Associates, Inc., in Monterey, California), and as a part-time instructor in the associates degree program in Library Science Genealogy and Computers at Hartnell College and Monterey Peninsula College in California, Clifford has gained much experience to pass on to those beginning a career in the field.

Accreditation also benefits volunteers and the organizations where they volunteer, as evidenced in Tip Number 11: "Learning to quickly evaluate problems and develop efficient research strategies is a skill learned most effectively by practice. Volunteer as a society researcher, as a Family History Center staff member, or as a contributor to your local society newsletter to develop these skills." Clifford's knowledge comes from personal experience: she currently serves as vice-president of the Federation of Genealogical Societies and second vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. She was the founding president of the Monterey County Genealogy Society and served for ten years as director of the Monterey California Family History Center; she continues to serve in that center.

As Becoming an Accredited Genealogist demonstrates, whether you are a volunteer librarian, a compiler of genealogical data, a personal user of genealogical collections, or you have an interest in hiring a professional genealogist to solve your research problems, understanding the basic credentialing requirements for a professional researcher will aid you in accomplishing your goals.

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  • Becoming an Accredited Genealogist: Plus 100 Tips to Ensure Your Success

    Karen Clifford, AG


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 1998

    Pages: 242

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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