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BLADE'S Guide to Buying Knives by Jason Fry

BLADE'S Guide to Buying Knives by Jason Fry

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There are millions of knives in the world and hundreds, if not thousands of ways to get burned buying one. Jason Fry helps savvy knife consumers avoid these pitfalls and score gems for whatever cutting task is at hand with BLADE'S Guide To Buying Knives. The renowned knifemaker and Forged in Fire finalist cuts through the minutia of the knife world to hone your understanding of what goes into a quality blade and what's eventually bound for the trashcan.

From factory-produced knives to more advanced mid-tech designs to handmade works of art, Fry covers them all. He also explains how custom knives are made, so your understanding of buying blades goes deeper than just, "Hey, that looks cool!" This is the perfect volume for the knife newbie who wants a quality factory blade to the seasoned veteran who aims to sharpen his knife-investment skills.

What's Inside:

  • Basic knife types, parts, and terms, with diagrams
  • Deciphering steel types
  • Choosing custom vs. factory knives
  • How to buy from dealers and on the secondary market
  • Guarding against rip-offs
  • Knife collecting strategies, including investing in knives for profit
  • Tips for online buying
  • And more!

BONUS: Special 16-page color photo reference section showing examples of knife types and conditions cited in the book.

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  • BLADE'S Guide to Buying Knives

    Jason Fry


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2022

    Pages: 173

    Size: 6 x 9 in.

    Condition: New

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