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Encyclopedia of American Cut & Engraved Glass

Encyclopedia of American Cut & Engraved Glass

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We consider this book the finest reference we carry in stock on American Brilliant Cut and Engraved glass. If this is your field, please see the Table of Contents links pages for the extensive detailing of company histories to be found within.

---- copyright 2004, Collector Bookstore, John K, Reviewer


Elegant and utilitarian glasswares have been made for over thirty centuries. The manufacture of cut glass in American stems from a history which reaches back to ancient Egypt, while engraved glass was known in classical Rome.

In this excellent new edition of a classic work, the author traces the American phases of this fascinating history by describing the products of major and minor manufacturers. See the American industry evolve from its early days of innovative work, through highly imaginative products in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to a declining mediocrity in the 1920's and 30's.

This book has been established as the "bible" in this field, and the addition of 150 new photos and fully updated text and pricing information make this edition the best yet. Glass collectors will treasure this unequaled reference.

Highlights of Comapies Covered (see contents for more):

  • Libbey
  • Bay State
  • Boston Sandwich
  • Mt Washington
  • Smith Brothers
  • Blackner
  • Thatcher
  • Mackey
  • Union Glass
  • David Walsh
  • Old Colony
  • Lowell
  • Parker & Casper
  • Meriden
  • Bergen & Niland
  • CF Monroe
  • International Silver
  • Silver City
  • Aetna
  • Webster & Briggman
  • HC Baldwin
  • Hall & Callahan
  • John Gilliland
  • Joseph Stouvenal
  • Turner & Lane
  • Empire State Flint
  • Haughwout
  • Lafayette
  • Lum & Ogden
  • Constition Flint
  • Hibbler & Rausch
  • Long Island Flint
  • Van Houten
  • Hatch
  • L Straus
  • Beckner

Pages and pages of more companies shown! This is without question the most comprehensive book on this topic.

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  • Encyclopedia of American Cut and Engraved Glass

    Albert Christian Revi


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 2000

    Pages: 376

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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