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A Guide Book of Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars, 4th Edition

A Guide Book of Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars, 4th Edition

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Franklin half dollars and Kennedy half dollars are two of the most popular modern U.S. coin series. Professional numismatist Rick Tomaska specializes in them. He says, "Collectors can enjoy challenges and rewards with these coins whether their hobby budget is $50 a month or $50,000."

Now, Tomaska shares decades of behind-the-scenes knowledge and valuable collecting/investing advice in the Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars. The updated 4th edition explores the retail and auction markets, along with the coins' designs, how they're produced, and other technical and historical aspects.

Tomaska studies every coin in both series, date by date, with pricing in multiple grades, instructions on grading (including features such as Full Bell Lines), information on how Proof coins are made and graded (including Cameo and Deep Cameo contrast), and other important factors.

Collectible die varieties, tips for smart buying, and hundreds of full-color photographs round out the book's contents. The 4th edition has new research on 1964 Specimen Kennedy half dollars, information on the NGC Rick Tomaska Signature Series designation, new coin images, and more.

The book also includes auction records, coverage of the 1964ā€“2014 gold and silver Kennedy half dollars, and appendices on "Exceptional Cameo Contrast" and remarkable error and misstruck Franklin and Kennedy half dollars.

In addition, Tomaska has included an illustrated chapter on Proof Liberty Walking half dollars, which he describes as "true classics born during the wonderful Renaissance era in American coin design" and as precursors to the Proofs of the Franklin series.

"By grading this book you can become an expert on these widely collected coins."
ā€” Q. David Bowers, past president, American Numismatic Association

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  • The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars, 4th Edition

    Rick Tomaska


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2023

    Pages: 336

    Size: 6 x 9 in.

    Condition: New

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