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A German Dictionary for English-Speaking Glass Collectors by Elizabeth Meek

A German Dictionary for English-Speaking Glass Collectors by Elizabeth Meek

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This dictionary is for English speakers with little or no knowledge of German who are interested in furthering their knowledge of glass production. This is a semi-technical dictionary to help in reading the German descriptions of glass in publications and in museums.

Though many art books published now are translated into several languages (including English), some interesting and helpful information may not be translated. For example, the English may say: "Vase, by (company), year. Cased glass." The German may also describe the decoration, how the piece was formed, and if the color has a specific name. Most of the historical texts are not translated.

You will find this dictionary helpful:
1. If you are trying to read art glass publications in German in order to learn more about your glass--especially glass made in German-speaking countries.
2. As a visitor to European museums where the descriptions of items are in German.

The pictures and examples in this book are drawn from research on Bohemian glass and multiple visits to the Czech Republic. Why is German an important language for understanding Bohemian and Czechoslovakian glass? There are 2 reasons.

- The Kingdom of Bohemia was part of the Austrian Empire from the 1600s until 1918. The official language was German. Many of the original records of glass companies are in German.
- The researchers who have shown interest in writing about Bohemian glass have written in German.

My hope is that this dictionary will help you increase your enjoyment of your glass. Then you can add to the world's knowledge and appreciation of this beautiful art and its many makers.

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  • A German Dictionary for English-Speaking Glass Collectors

    Elizabeth Meek


  • Binding: Spiral Bound

    Copyright: 2009

    Pages: 88

    Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Condition: New

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