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German Navy at War WWII Vol 1: Battleships by Siegfried Breyer, Gerhard Koop

German Navy at War WWII Vol 1: Battleships by Siegfried Breyer, Gerhard Koop

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In this volume, the authors present their book on the "big ships": the battleships, pocket battleships, aircraft carrier and cruisers. The chronologybegins in 1935 and the fleet agreement with England, and continues to the end of 1945, when the last big ships sank in a hail of Anglo-American bombs, or fell into Allied hands. This fascinating large pictorial volume also includes the Z-Plan of 1939, with its projected super-battleships. A genuine richness of data and information, this noteworthy documentation belongs in the hands of every navy buff and "ship fan."

Covers all of the main German battleships of WWII, including Bismarck, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and other big ships in over 300 photos.

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  • The German Navy at War 1935-1945 Volume 1: The Battleships; A History Of The "Big Ships"

    Siegfried Breyer, Gerhard Koop


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 1989

    Pages: 188

    Size: 11.88 x 8.63 in.

    Condition: New

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