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GunDigest Book of the M1 Garand by Patrick Sweeney

GunDigest Book of the M1 Garand by Patrick Sweeney

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The New Bible Of The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised!

From the Beaches of Normandy to the Forest of Ardennes and the sunbaked hell of the Pacific, one rifle shone above all others--the M1 Garand. Lovingly remembered as "The greatest battle implement ever devised," the World War II semi-auto continues to fascinate and stir the imagination like no other firearm. The Gun Digest Book of the M1 Garand scrutinizes the iconic gun as never before, delivering an unparalleled study of the old warhorse. Authored by master gunsmith and firearms expert Patrick Sweeney, the volume goes well beyond a general history of the rifle. Delving into the rifle's design and manufacturing genius, maintenance musts, shooting secrets, collecting tips and buying strategies, the book is no less a new bible of the M1 Garand. Whether you aim to milk the most accuracy out of your Garand, build your collection of the legend or fortify your historical knowledge, the Gun Digest Book of the M1 Garand hits its mark.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • Genesis and evolution of the Garand
  • Full manual of arms for the rifle
  • Minutia of buying a quality Garand
  • Accurization secrets of the rifle
  • Tactics to handload ammo for the M1
  • Competition strategies
  • And much more…

SECTION I, History and Essential Info
CHAPTER 1 Designs That Inspired the Garand
CHAPTER 2 How the Garand Works
CHAPTER 3 Adoption and Teething Problems
CHAPTER 4 Wartime Production
CHAPTER 5 What Do the Markings Mean?
CHAPTER 6 New War, New Production & The Korean Garands
CHAPTER 7 Who Else Used the Garand?
CHAPTER 8 The M14 Replaces the Garand
CHAPTER 9 Sniper Rifles: The M-1C and M-1D Garands
CHAPTER 10 The Non-USGI Garands
CHAPTER 11 Love Affair with the Garand
SECTION II, Fun with the Garand
CHAPTER 12 What To Look For When Buying a Garand
CHAPTER 13 How to Match-Condition a Garand
CHAPTER 14 Garand Ammunition & Reloading
CHAPTER 15 Rebarreling a Garand
CHAPTER 16 Garand Competition, CMP and Camp Perry
CHAPTER 17 Collecting the Garand

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  • GunDigest Book of the M1 Garand: Collecting and Shooting America's Greatest Battle Rifle

    Patrick Sweeney


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2023

    Pages: 253

    Size: 8 x 10.5 in.

    Condition: New

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