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The Gunsmith of Grenville County: Building the American Longrifle, Revised Edition by Peter Alexander

The Gunsmith of Grenville County: Building the American Longrifle, Revised Edition by Peter Alexander

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Table of Contents

Best known for his many magazine articles on gunsmithing topics, Peter Alexander has written this gun maker's manual on Building the American Longrifle.

Written for both the novice, and the master gun builder, the author explains the basics of each task, and then he delves into the minutia of the interesting variations. This 402 page volume gives him the freedom to express his views, share his discoveries, and expand our understanding far beyond simple basics. Only hands-on work at the bench will get you closer to longrifle building, than this new instruction manual.

The author introduces several of the first American gun makers, describing their arrival in America, their apprenticeship, training, known residences, and explaining how the surrounding gun makers may have influenced their style.

Inletting, shaping, sculpting, tuning, polishing, and fitting parts is the main topic of the text and photos, but the artistic expression and style of the old makers is the reason we learn these techniques. We honor the work of the early gunmakers, when we treasure and protect the original guns they made, and when we replicate them for our use.

With forty chapters, each important topic is explained in detail. Lock geometry is only one of a great many areas discussed in detail.

You need not build a longrifle to benefit from a better understanding of the internal geometry of flint and percussion locks. Every muzzle loading shooter and gun owner will appreciate Mr. Alexander's information, opinions, and insights.

Repairing and restoring replica and original antique guns requires more than the simple installation of new parts. A knowledge of correct geometry, function, and the correct style for the period depicted, are essential tools of the truly skilled gunsmith.

Filled with line art, sketches, and some photography, a few of the photographs are reproduced in color, to depict the stain color, figure, and finish of fine old American longrifles.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

  • Chapter 1: Historical Background
  • Chapter 2: Tools & the Workshop
  • Chapter 3: Gun Parts
  • Chapter 4: Installing the Breech Plug
  • Chapter 5: Inletting the Barrel
  • Chapter 6: Making the Ramrod Groove & Hole
  • Chapter 7: Profiling the Buttstock
  • Chapter 8: Choosing & Tuning & Modifying the Lock
  • Chapter 9: The Percussion Lock
  • Chapter 10: The Preliminary Lock Inlet
  • Chapter 11: Shaping and Inletting the Tang
  • Chapter 12: Inletting the Butt Plate
  • Chapter 13: Installing the Lock Bolts & Finishing the Lock Inlet
  • Chapter 14: Shaping the Lock & Side Plate Panels
  • Chapter 15: Shaping the Buttstock
  • Chapter 16: Planning the Forestock
  • Chapter 17: Fastening the Barrel
  • Chapter 18: Making & Inletting Ramrod Pipes
  • Chapter 19: Shaping the Forestock
  • Chapter 20: The Muzzle Cap
  • Chapter 21: The Trigger
  • Chapter 22: Set Triggers
  • Chapter 23: The Trigger Guard
  • Chapter 24: The Side Plate
  • Chapter 25: Gunstock Moldings
  • Chapter 26: The Decoration of the Longrifle
  • Chapter 27: The Sliding Wooden Patchbox
  • Chapter 28: The Metal Patchbox
  • Chapter 29: The Domed-Lid Patchbox
  • Chapter 30: Patchbox Releases
  • Chapter 31: The Toe Plate & Other Patchbox Releases
  • Chapter 32: All Sorts of Inlays
  • Chapter 33: Engraving
  • Chapter 34: Stock Carving
  • Chapter 35: Finishing the Barrel
  • Chapter 36: The Ramrod
  • Chapter 37: Finishing the Stock
  • Chapter 38: Pistol Making
  • Chapter 39: The Swivel Breech
  • Chapter 40: The Care & Feeding of Longrifles
  • Appendix A: References & Resources
  • Appendix B: Timeline of Longrifle Development
  • Appendix C: Glossary
  • Index

Study each topic, and put your knowledge to work, as you cut, shape, and finish each step.

Wirebound to lay flat on your workbench.

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  • The Gunsmith of Grenville County: Building the American Longrifle, Revised Edition

    Peter A. Alexander


  • Binding: Spiral Bound

    Copyright: 2016

    Pages: 402

    Size: 8.25 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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