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Land & Property Research in the United States (Genealogy) by E. Wade Hone

Land & Property Research in the United States (Genealogy) by E. Wade Hone

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When early settlers left their homelands to start a new life in America, they had dreams of owning their own land a prospering from their own efforts. They were suspicious of all forms of government and did their best, in many cases, to be invisible to a variety of record keepers. But when it came to ensuring that their precious land was, without doubt, their own, they were careful to provide all of the information requested of them by the various government agencies. It is this care in reporting that makes this reference as valuable as the most comprehensive and useful review of land and property research for genealogists.

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  • Land & Property Research in the United States

    E. Wade Hone


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 1997

    Pages: 518

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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