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Scott A Duff

The M1 Garand Serial Numbers & Data Sheets (Rifle ID & Dating) by Scott Duff

The M1 Garand Serial Numbers & Data Sheets (Rifle ID & Dating) by Scott Duff

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The M1 Garand: Serial Numbers & Data Sheets is in response to requests by collectors for a pocket reference book of serial numbers and data sheets. The 4" wide by 8" high size is convenient for pocket carry to gun shows, auctions, estate sales, and gun shops. Includes 84 Data Sheets.

Two of the most critical factors in collecting the M1 Garand are the determination of dates of manufacture and identification of components correct for specific rifles. This is important whether considering the purchase of an M1 that is being presented as original, or attempting to restore a rifle to its correct configuration. The best way to determine the correct components for a specific M1 is through use of data sheets on original rifles. The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with serial number tables and a large sampling of data sheets to aid in identification and restoration.

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  • The M1 Garand Serial Numbers & Data Sheets

    Scott A. Duff


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 1995

    Pages: 101

    Size: 4 x 8 in.

    Condition: New

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