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Scott A Duff

The M1 Garand WWII Vol 1 (Springfield & Winchester Rifles) by Scott Duff

The M1 Garand WWII Vol 1 (Springfield & Winchester Rifles) by Scott Duff

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Table of Contents

The M1 Garand: World War II Volume 1 - Covers 1900 through September 1945, including Springfield and Winchester. Updated Second Edition (Soft Cover).

Volume 1 of the definitive reference set written specifically for the Garand collector. Examines development and production of the M1 rifle from conception through the closing days of World War II. The first Garands, the Gas Trap rifles, are examined in detail. The evolution of Springfield Armory and Winchester produced M1s are chronicled in Data Sheets and photographs detailing original rifles.

The variations of components are described and their period of use given. The collector is aided in identification of parts changes by detailed photographs and explanations. These descriptions used in conjunction with the Data Sheets allow the collector to verify original rifles or restore their M1 to correct configuration. Month-end serial number tables identify when your rifle was manufactured. Bayonets, slings, and cleaning kits are also examined in detail. 1993

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  • The M1 Garand: World War II

    Scott A. Duff


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 1993

    Pages: 320

    Size: 8.63 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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