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McCoy Pottery by Jeffrey B. Snyder

McCoy Pottery by Jeffrey B. Snyder

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Jeffrey Snyder has been long recognized as a well respected author for his definitive reference works on numerous specialties in the world of pottery & porcelain. I am happy to report his most recent effort, in this book, continues this tradition of excellence.

Staying abreast of changes and new discoveries in the collecting world is no small challenge. Many books that provide mere snippets and a few photos. Jeff's reference work also provides in-depth history surrounding the product lines as well as essential background material. This will be of considerable value to dealers or collectors wishing to add to their knowledge. Hundreds of photos and prices are also provided.

Some of the specific items covered include:
Bulb Bowls
Flower Pots
Hanging Baskets
Head Vases
Sanitary Stoneware pieces
Cookie Jars (of course!)
Coffee & Tea canisters
Dog feeders (really!)
And much more..

---- copyright 2004, Collector Bookstore


This valuable text provides a sweeping survey of the McCoy pottery produced by both the Nelson McCoy Pottery Company and its predecessor, the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company. Among the more than 750 color photographs are illustrations of McCoy wares ranging from utilitarian stonewares to beautiful artwares, including bookends, centerpieces, flowerpots, jardinieres, tea sets, vases, and the ever popular cookie jars. Historical photographs of the company's early years are also provided.

Accompanying the photographs are a history of the company, beginning with the W.F. McCoy Pottery of 1848, a detailed discussion of McCoy manufacturing techniques, and an examination of the firm's numerous manufacturer's marks. In fact, these marks are used in a unique way as tools to guide readers quickly and efficiently to the wares they seek. Also included in this volume are a bibliography, an appendix chronicling the many cookie jars produced by the company over the years, and an index. Updated values for the wares displayed are included in the captions.

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  • 2004 McCoy Pottery

    Jeffrey B. Snyder


  • Binding: Hard Cover

    Copyright: 2004

    Pages: 208

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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