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Modern Shotguns & Loads by Charles Askins

Modern Shotguns & Loads by Charles Askins

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Table of Contents

This classic covers shotguns and shooting techniques. History, ammunition, handloading and the principles and terms of wingshooting are explained.


THIS book is intended to cover shotguns and their shooting together with the ammunition used in them. American shotguns will be described, double, single, automatic and pump, their models, makes and mechanism. Criticism will be ventured and praise where it is due. Every manufacturer of shotguns is a friend of mine, and I hope to treat all with like justice.

One chapter will be devoted to the history of the shotgun, chiefly by way of making the evolution of the arm clear, but in the main the work will treat guns as they are today. Amn1unition will receive due space, with some account of powders and the loads to which they are best adapted. Hand-loading and experimental work will not be ignored.

The second half of the book will handle shotgun shooting at some length. The shotgun itself is but half the story, and the other half is how to shoot it. The principles and terms of wing-shooting will be explained, and then more briefly the shooting of some of the different game birds.

We have Fundamentalists and Progressives, and they do not agree. Some of us would not agree with the decisions of the Supreme Court, and the author is not omnipotent. Make allowance for him when you think he is wrong.

October, 1928

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  • Modern Shotguns & Loads

    Charles Askins


  • Binding: Hard Cover

    Copyright: 1929

    Pages: 416

    Size: 5.75 x 8.75 in.

    Condition: New

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