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Pendant & Pocket Watches 1500-1950 by Jeanenne Bell

Pendant & Pocket Watches 1500-1950 by Jeanenne Bell

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This fine reference covers antique & vintage watches, such as Hamilton, Illinois, Elgin, and a great many more. In terms of timeline, it begins in the 16th Century and covers through the first half of the 20th Century. The book covers watch cases, escarpments, movements, dials, and even includes a substantial section on Railroad watches and the exacting standards they required. Watch collectors will find this a fascinating reference.

-- Copyright 2004,. Collector Bookstore, John K, Reviewer

Whether you simply find watches fascinating or you have an old watch that you are curious about, this book is the one for you. This exploration of the evolution of the pendant/pocket watch is divided into centuries. Each century explores what was happening in the world and how these events and fashions influenced watch making. This reference includes information on makers, their marks, and even the serial numbers for the American watch movements. Filled with clues, it will help you determine when a watch was made, how it was made, what it is made of, and what makes it tick. The amount of photographs of timepieces in this volume is impressive - hundreds of watches are featured in beautiful color photographs. Cases, dials, and movements are included in the photographs - this book encompasses the entire watch.

No matter how intense or casual your interest in watches may be, this book should open your mind and eyes to the miracle of these tiny machines. The dedication and labor of the men who strove to make these portable timepieces is explored. In each century the book details, readers will see what was happening that influenced timekeeping and the development of the watch.

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  • Collector's Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches 1500-1950, Identification and Values

    C. Jeanenne Bell, G. G.


  • Binding: Hard Cover

    Copyright: 2004

    Pages: 368

    Size: 8.75 x 11.1 in.

    Condition: New

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