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Pepsi Cola Bottles Collector's Guide 3 Book Set by James Ayers

Pepsi Cola Bottles Collector's Guide 3 Book Set by James Ayers

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Unearth the ultimate Pepsi collector's trove in this 3-volume set by James Ayers. This collection spans the spectrum of Pepsi-Cola history with vibrant photos, detailed descriptions, rarity scales, and prices. A must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Volume 1:

Table of Contents

Includes an updated 2022 price guide!

This is an in-depth bottle guide listing over 530 bottles. Many rare and unusual styles. Entire book (144 pages) all color with enlargements. Each bottle listed with ID#, complete description, date, rarity scale and price.

Has clear, green, blue, aqua, and amber glass Pepsi bottles with embossed and paper labels. Includes Bradham Drug Co bottles and prototypes. Photos include many individual Pepsi bottles and Pepsi bottle groups.

Volume 2:

Table of Contents

Includes an updated 2022 price guide!

Finally, a book everyone can enjoy, from young to old! This book contains color photos of Pepsi bottles from years gone by. Included in the book is the rarity and value of the bottle, and also a vivid description. Colorful and fun, this spiral-bound book is a need-to-own, so buy today!

Handy for both the novice as well as experienced collector. Properly identifies the parts of a bottle (crown, shoulder, etc.) and then in turn uses that knowledge to point out to the would be collector differences in variation that help to determine pricing and worth. Includes clear, blue, green, aqua, and amber Pepsi glass bottles and more. Includes large generous photographs, including the old Dixie bottles, and example bottles from the various distributors that were then scattered throughout the country. A must have for the collector or someone wishing to get top dollar. (Did you know some bottles are worth $300? Is one of them yours?)

Photos include many individual Pepsi bottles, Aspen, Belfast, Carolina Club, Cloverdale, Frosty Beverages, Kowel's Root Bear, Jake's, Kist, Korker, Jefferson Club, Mil-Kay, Mug Root Beer, Orange Crush, Pilot Flavors, Devil Shake, Patio, Slice, and Pepsi bottle groups, such as Pepsi Free, Pepsi Light, etc.

Volume 3:

Table of Contents

This is a very nice book with a lot in it of pictures and information. It contains old vintage bottles, no deposit/no return, all known seltzers, all known drug store, prototypes, errors, commemorative and special edition, novelty, cans, caps, advertising, cartons with bottles, and over 400 bottles from around the world. Over 1500 items total.

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  • Pepsi Cola Bottles Collector's Guide 3 Book Set

    James C. Ayers

  • Binding: Spiral Bound

    Copyright: 2023

    Pages: 531

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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