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Phonographs with Flair: A Century of Style in Sound Reproduction by Timothy C. Fabrizio, George F. Paul

Phonographs with Flair: A Century of Style in Sound Reproduction by Timothy C. Fabrizio, George F. Paul

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This is a rather unusual book in the world of phonograph collecting perhaps its one of a kind. Most books on antique/collectible phonographs are concerned with either a particular maker (Edison, Victor, Columbia, etc.) or some other aspect, such as repair, collecting rare records, etc.

This large, hardcover book deals in depth with the topic of design. For the collector or dealer in this field who wishes to acquaint themselves with the most valuable and most sought after models across every maker, this is a must-have book.

Some of the examples shown include:

  • Douglas Phonograph Company
  • The Mignon Grafonola
  • The Keenolophone
  • US Phonograph Company of Cleveland Ohio
  • The U.S. Peerless Phonograph
  • Glass Horns
  • Columbia Grand Grafonola
  • Edison Diamond Disc A-290
  • Victrola XVIII
  • Columbia Phonograph-in-a-drawer
  • Grafonola Baby Regent
  • Edisons William and Mary Style Phonograph
  • Sonora Cabinet examples
  • Heywood-Wakefield Wicker Cabinets
  • Grafonola Small Gothic
  • Examples from the Lampograph Company of St. Louis
  • Other Lamp Phonographs (Edison, etc.)
  • The Odeon Company of Germany the Mikiphone
  • Philco/ RCA Innovations from 1930s 1940s

This reference is certain to become a valuable library asset to phonograph aficionados.

---- copyright 2004, Collector Bookstore


Fads and fashions influenced the evolution of phonograph design in twentieth-century America, creating a vivid visual cavalcade. This beautiful volume is full of gleaming metal, glistening wood, pastel plastic, glowing dials, and fashionable fabrics.

This is a story of developing style that stretches from the Victrola in the early 1900s to Quadraphonic sound of the 1970s. Yet the history of phonograph design is not just about eye-catching cabinetry, it is also the saga of our parents and grandparents, and the way they saw the world in which they lived.

Through 340 color illustrations and detailed captions the development of phonograph design and sound reproduction is engagingly explored. All who are interested in phonograph collecting, design, art, music and twentieth-century social history will be fascinated by this book.

ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections), 2002
Phonographs with Flair wins the Award for Best Research in the Preservation and Reproduction of Recorded Sound

340 color photos

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  • Phonographs with Flair: A Century of Style in Sound Reproduction

    Timothy C. Fabrizio, George F. Paul


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 2001

    Pages: 192

    Size: 11.38 x 8.75 in.

    Condition: New

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