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Randall Military Models: Fighters, Bowies and Full Tang Knives (Softcover) by Robert E. Hunt

Randall Military Models: Fighters, Bowies and Full Tang Knives (Softcover) by Robert E. Hunt

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Table of Contents

Author Bob Hunt's first book, Randall Fighting Knives in Wartime, provided him the opportunity for further study on this subject. It was apparent before publication of the first book, that the subject matter could not be exhausted. In his second book, Hunt continues the process of identifying, describing and dating fighting knives produced in the dramatic early days of the Randall experience. This new volume provides a vast amount of material, carefully organized and presented to enable the reader to further his own research in the areas most interesting to him.

SECTION 1...The model 1 fighter has been around for 60 years and the design and makers name are well recognized. Section 1 includes photos of a number of rare all-purpose fighting knives.

SECTION 2...The oldest style of personal protection knife influencing Western civilization has bee the double-edged type...a stabbing knife. This section features some of these knives and the "standardized" design adopted by Randall; periodically modified in order to satisfy the requirements of the time.

SECTION 3...Recognition is given in this section to several models developed during the span of years when troops were sent to Southeast Asia, as these knives are inseperable from this conflict.

SECTION 4...The heart of this book is the section on "carried knives" which features Randalls thaat have at least one of the several distinguishing requirements qualifying it to be considered a military model used in wartime. This section includes more than twenty-five examples, most never-before-photographed, that will introduce (to many for the first time) the attraction of the "used" knife.

SECTION 5...The Bowie knife was all but forgotten when the movie industry revived interest with the Iron Mistress. Recognizing that some of these models were carried in combat, we approach this section with that view in mind and represent the several distinct types that Randall created with a historical theme.

SECTION 6...Visual comparisons serve in aiding us to learn more about the subtleties in the development stages and evolution of the knives that we collect. In this section, parings appear without their sheaths, providing greater image of the knives depicted. This presentation allows the reader an opportunity to observe and compare knives on their own, in various pairs, sets and groups of like models photographed within.

SECTION 7...Not perceived in every case, but in the eyes of some, the sheath makes the knife. Ask any collector; without the one, the other will be reduced in value. Therefore, we have included a section on sheaths that should be instructive and serve to better illustrate the points of reference made in the general text of the book.

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  • Randall Military Models: Fighters, Bowies and Full Tang Knives

    Robert E. Hunt


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2003

    Pages: 304

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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