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Rifles of Colonial America, Vol 1, 2nd Edition (Longrifle Series) by George Shumway

Rifles of Colonial America, Vol 1, 2nd Edition (Longrifle Series) by George Shumway

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This is an extensive photographic study of American longrifles made in the colonial period, the Revolutionary period, and the post-Revolutionary years before the Federal Period. For each of the 139 rifles treated there are ten or more detailed photographs. A description of each rifle accompanies the illustrations, and many important dimensions are given. The text is concerned with the complex subject of the evolution of the baroque and rococo art that adorns it. Annontated 2nd edition in 2024 with color photos and added rifles.

About this second edition:

In 1980, George Shumway published the first of his monumental, two volume Rifles of Colonial America. This in-depth look at rifles and gunmaking in early America brought together George's "painted light" photographs of many rifles with what was known about individual gunmakers and regional "schools" or styles of work. It was George's wish that the books would encourage further research and bring to light additional early rifles. This new edition helps to further that goal.

CCTP Publishing and George Shumway Publisher have collaborated to produce this revised and expanded edition, with a substantial number of the rifles re-photographed in color. Access to rifles and photographs from organization, auction houses, museums, and private collectors made this possible, and the latest photographic and printing technologies were applied. Where color photographs of rifles were not available, black and white originals were scanned and enhanced for improved quality.

Significant new research has also been added, along with ten previously unknown or unpublished rifles, also in full color.

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  • Rifles of Colonial America, Volume 1, Annotated Second Edition (Longrifle Series)

    George Shumway


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 2023

    Pages: 416

    Size: 9.25 x 12.25 in.

    Condition: New

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