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Royal Doulton: A Legacy of Excellence by Gregg Whittecar

Royal Doulton: A Legacy of Excellence by Gregg Whittecar

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This is an oversized coffee table style premium book, hardcover with dust jacket. It features large, often full page color photos of the most desirable and rare masterpieces. A very thorough history is provided with each topic, along with extensive photography of both art and artist, as well as the setting, buildings, etc. where such photographic records or etchings are available.

Some of the Topics Included:

George Tinworth era, 1866-1913:
Biblical scenes plagues, ornate vases with rosettes, pitchers, jugs, inkwells, candlesticks, flower holders, figurines, more

The Barlow family artists, Hannah, Florence and Lucy, who produced such items as biscuit jars and barrels, stoneware steins, vases, urns, jugs and other items featuring detailed artistic engravings, especially of animals.

Mark Marshalls work, 1880-1912, which featured a great many porcelain sculptures and art pieces with molded designs that still dazzle even today.

Frank Butlers work, 1872-1911

Doulton Faience and Tile Panels, 1873-1914

The Douton / Burslem partnership of 1877, featuring products from that period and related history. Also documented is Henry Doultons decision to form a partnership and sponsorship of the then newly emergent Limoges of France. The work of Doultons most important artist, Charles J. Noke, is also noted here. Over 60 pages are spent on this worthy topic!

Flambe Chang, Sung wares and more, roughly 50 pages devoted to this topic. This book is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves the unique creations of vintage Royal Doulton!

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This is a $95.00 book!

A lavishly illustrated collector's volume showcasing the finest ceramic art wares produced by Royal Doulton at their Lambeth and Burslem Studios in England. It features fine pieces from private collections, dating from the 1870s to 1945. Over 600 photographs bring these treasures directly to the connoisseur of fine decorative ceramic art. The book details the company's founding by John Doulton and his son Henry, and features many of Doulton's premier artists. It traces the rise of the Doulton range from stoneware and faience art pottery to hand painted vases, vellum figures, and flamb, titanium, and experimental glazes.

600+ color photos

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  • Royal Doulton: A Legacy of Excellence

    Gregg Whittecar


  • Binding: Hard Cover

    Copyright: 2003

    Pages: 288

    Size: 9 x 12 in.

    Condition: New

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