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2 BOOK SET: The Compleat Talking Machine AND Look for the Dog: Victor Talking Machines

2 BOOK SET: The Compleat Talking Machine AND Look for the Dog: Victor Talking Machines

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Two books! The Compleat Talking Machine by Eric Reiss AND Look for the Dog: Victor Talking Machines by Robert Baumbach

The Compleat Talking Machine by Eric Reiss

Table of Contents

For years "The Compleat Talking Machine" has served as the definitive reference for the repair and restoration of antique phonographs; a must for any collector's library.

The newly revised and updated 5th Edition contains the same careful analysis of the construction of spring motors, turntables, reproducers, cabinets and their associated parts, with a step-by-step guide to cleaning, lubricating and repairing them.

Plus, a price guide to current market values, and an identification guide with photos and descriptions hundreds of collectible phonographs!

Covers identification of Edison Phonographs, Columbia Cylinder Machines, Columbia Disc Machines, the Gramophone, Berliner Gramophones, The Victor Talking Machine, Victor Victrolas, Zon-O-Phone, other interesting Cylinder and Disc Machines, Phonograph Lamps, Combination Talking Machine / Music Boxes, Coin-in-slot Machines, and some interesting accessories.

Look for the Dog: Victor Talking Machines by Robert Baumbach

Table of Contents

For nearly twenty-five years, Look for the Dog has been the most used book on the phonograph collector's bookshelf. With this all-new color edition, the book is brought up-to-date with all new illustrations and greatly expanded text. Victor Talking Machines are highly prized collectibles today, and no other reference provides as much information on the company and the models they produced as Look for the Dog. The book offers detailed descriptions of each model including production quantities, standard and optional finishes, technical features, original cost and present value. It is easy and fun to read, and offers a wonderful insight into one of the great industrial companies of the early 20th century.

New information is provided on the men who contributed to the early success of the company. A fascinating tour of the huge Victor plant in its prime is reprinted from installments that appeared in the company's house organ, The Voice of the Victor.

One of the most appreciated features of the original edition was the inclusion of many original Victor Service Notes. These notes have been cleaned up and expanded for this edition. The appendix on accessories has been expanded and features all new color photographs.

Also new in this edition is the availability of a library of bonus material that is designed to enhance the enjoyment of your Victrola talking machine.

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  • TWO BOOKS: The Compleat Talking Machine: A Collector's Guide to Antique Phonographs AND Look for the Dog: An Illustrated Guide to Victor Talking Machines

  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2006

    Pages: 574

    Size: 8.63 x 11 in

    Condition: New

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