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The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning

The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning

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FINALLY - Now Back in Print!

This fine reference includes hundreds of photographs and has been updated updated with a new afterword!

Containing invaluable for the collector, curator, and dealer alike, The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning brings to the field of glass collecting a rich storehouse of detailed information from unpublished original catalog material in the Corning archives, including long-lost pattern identification.

A priceless aid to identifying pieces of cut or engraved glass, this classic edition takes a comprehensive look at Corning's history - including craftsmen and technique - and at its unparalleled prestige as the country's largest producer of cut glass at the turn of the century.

Here's some of what's covered inside:

  • J. Hoare & Co.
  • Hunt Glass Works
  • George Drake & Co.
  • Giometti Brothers
  • Steuben Glass Works
  • H.P. Sinclaire
  • JF Haselbauer & Frederick, Engraver
  • Thomas Shotton Cut Glass Works
  • .... and more!

This book has been updated to include:

  • The present day locations (museums or private residences) of the pieces illustrated.
  • An Afterword describing the Corning Glass Works and its activities of the last twenty years.
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  • The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning

    Estelle Sinclaire & Jane Shadel Spillman


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 1997

    Pages: 350

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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