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The Hayes Handgun Omnibus: Pistols & Revolvers by Hayes, Skennerton

The Hayes Handgun Omnibus: Pistols & Revolvers by Hayes, Skennerton

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Table of Contents

This full-colour presentation of more than 1,000 pistols from many different makers and countries is catalogued in alphabetical order. Each section is arranged in an essential chronological sequence following the various models and their development.

Technical data and notes accompanying each entry made an ideal study while the colour illustrations in most instances provide more detail than is possible with so many written descriptions. In fact, using a magnifying glass can bring up fine detail even more.

The result of a lifetime's collecting, this catalogue covers a wide range of models and manufacturers of antique, historical, sporting, presentation, target and service issue pistols and revolvers.

The alphabetic categories are...
A- Australasia
B- British (other than Webley & Enfield)
C- Colt Firearms
D- Demonstration & Sectionised Cut-aways
E- Enfield R.S.A.F.
F- Free Western Europe (other than Germanic & Italy)
G- Germanic & Austro-Hungarian
H- High Standard & Mitchell
I- Italy
J- Iver Johnson
K- Signal & Flare Pistols
L- Likeness Reproductions
M- Miniatures & Models
N- Non-aligned Countries
0- Oriental
P- Presentation Engraved
Q- Sturm Ruger
R- Remington Arms
S- Smith & Wesson
T- Savage & Stevens
U- USSR & Eastern Europe
V-- Various other North American Makers
W- Webley
X- Target & Competition
Y- South America
Z- Zuid Afrik Republic

Each handgun entry is numbered for ready reference. Some items are cross-referenced where they may fall under more than one category, e.g. Maker / Presentation, Maker/Cut-away, or Australasian, Target, &c.

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  • The Hayes Handgun Omnibus: A Catalogued Encyclopedia of Collective Pistols & Revolvers

    Ronald D. Hayes, Ian D. Skennerton


  • Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket

    Copyright: 2007

    Pages: 592

    Size: 8.58 x 12 in.

    Condition: New

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