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2 BOOK SET: Updated Confederate Bowie Knife Guide, Confederate Bowie Knives of the Georgia State Arsenal

2 BOOK SET: Updated Confederate Bowie Knife Guide, Confederate Bowie Knives of the Georgia State Arsenal

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We are selling two books on Confederate Bowie Knives.

The Updated Confederate Bowie Knife Guide by Lee Hadaway (9781427632173):

Table of Contents

  • 54 Authentic Confederate Bowie Knives
  • 17 Fakes, Reproduction and Misrepresented Knives
  • 15 Points That Should Raise Red Flags
  • 154 Detailed Photographs
  • Forward by Bill Adams, author of The Antique Bowie Knife Book

"Lee Hadaway's Updated edition of the Bowie Knife Guide is a must have for the antique knife collector's library."
Steve Sylvia - North South Trader magazine

"I recommend that anyone considering buying a Confederate Knife for the first time first read the section in this book on FAKES. It is well done and may save a buyer money and a bad experience."
John Sexton - appraiser and noted Confederate authority

If you are interested in Confederate Knives, this is where to start. If you collect Confederate Knives, this book has photos of a lot of knives that have never been seen before. If you are wondering if that "Confederate Bowie" you bought at a yard sale is authentic, this book has plenty to offer you.

Confederate Bowie Knives of the Georgia State Arsenal by Josh Phillips (9781427632197):

Table of Contents

"When the retreat commences ... keep close at their heels with the knife, till each man has hewed down, at least, one of his adversaries.

Thus encouraged the Civil War governor of Georgia, Joe Brown, the patriotic young men in the defense of the state. He further pleaded with the regions mechanics to aid in the impending arms crisis:

I have already a considerable number of these ... knives, but I desire, within the next month, ten thousand more ... I must have them; and I appeal to you, as one of the most patriotic class of our fellow citizens, to make them for me immediately...

In this comprehensive study of the Confederacys only regulation-issue side-knife, the author identifies the craftsman that answered the governors call and the huge Bowie knives that they turned in to the state arsenal at Milledgeville, Georgia in the summer of 1862.

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  • Updated Confederate Bowie Knife Guide; Confederate Bowie Knives of the Georgia State Arsenal

    Lee Hadaway; Josh Phillips

  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2008

    Pages: 324

    Size: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Condition: New

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