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The Fabulous Victrola 45 by Phil Vourtsis

The Fabulous Victrola 45 by Phil Vourtsis

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If you grew up in the 1950s, you probably remember playing your favorite 45 rpm disc recordings on an automatic record player. It seemed as if everyone had one -- or wanted one! Now you can relive the history of those records with the big center hole and the fabulous machines that played them -- both highly prized by collectors today. Read about the trials and tribulations of the engineers and managers at RCA Victor Corporation, which nearly decided not to introduce the new players to the product line after all.

Then enjoy hundreds of color photographs showcasing "45" models produced by RCA and other licensed manufacturers. Captions provide descriptions, model numbers and names, original selling prices, and current values. There are also magazine ads and dealer sheets, tips on dating models, RCA memorabilia, and more. And for those who are technically inclined, a final section provides repair and restoration tips. With some care, these fascinating machines will continue turning for another fifty years!


This book covers 45 RPM Record Players. RCA Victor, is, of course, the star of the party but many others makers and models are also covered. The book contains numerous (hundreds?) of photos of various models, parts & wiring diagrams, repair instructions, descriptions, cartridge replacements, motor restoration, estimated retail values, and much more. Two chapters are devoted to the 45 RPM record itself.

Some of the models/ makers included are:

Table Top Phonographs
Childrens Phonographs
Portable Models
Berkshire (a maker)
Console Units
RCA Victors 45 Series Models
Skipper series
Two-tone color portables
Ding Dong School Phonograph
The Slide-O-Matic
Orthophonic Models
The Elvis Presley Model
Deluxe Phonograph series
Birch models
Capitol models
Columbia models
Crescent models
Decca models
Montgomery Ward
Webster Chicago
Table Model Jukeboxes
Record Stackers

This reference is certain to become a valuable library asset to phonograph aficionados.

---- copyright 2004, Collector Bookstore

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  • The Fabulous Victrola

    Phil Vourtsis


  • Binding: Soft Cover

    Copyright: 2002

    Pages: 176

    Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

    Condition: New

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